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At CITY SELLING SPOT we offer a personalised approach to your pop-up events and trading activities in high footfall locations such as shopping centres, retail venues, high streets, markets, supermarkets, festivals, exhibitions and various other locations.

Contact us now and we will find a perfect selling spot matching your individual needs.


What we do:

Our team is working with a variety of councils, shopping centres and retail parks to match potential sites with suitable promoters helping landlords to fill space and maximise the revenue.

We create exciting opportunities for businesses to promote their product to new customers in high volume footfall locations, while we take care of all the paperwork, licensing, insurance and invoicing. This allows you to optimize your business whilst minimising your daily workload.

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We operate all over the UK.

If you are looking to promote your product maximising your sales with high foot traffic spaces or if you are the landlord seeking to increase your income whilst utilising vacant space, contact us today.